Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Glitz and glam Christmas look!

Well hello , tis the season to be jolly!!
I've decided to do a very glitzy look for this Christmas and thought Id share it and show you what was used to create this look.
So this is the look very simple yet very Christmassy and glitzy ( This is the no lipstick version but i will insert some pictures with lipstick below) , the pictures don't give it justice at all so sorry about that, because the amount of shine and glitter on my eyelids was incredibly noticeable , I love it. 

Firstly there is my wake me up foundation  ,and my collection concealer which needs to be repurchased ASAP! , I always use a good moisturiser before applying foundation just to kind of give my skin good setting grounds for the foundation , primers don't work to well for me , I guess I just haven't found the right one yet.
Secondly is my bourjous Ultra curl  mascara (it could be better to be completely honest with you , doesn't do great things to my lashes!)
Thirdly my holy grail!!! Sleek contour kit in light ...this thing is AMAZING!!!
And lastly is this sleek cream to powder in one of the darker shades , (can't remember for the life of me the shade right now, and I don't have it with me D: ) 
But nonetheless I use this to fill in my brows and I've been LOVING this! 

This is exactly the same look but I've applied some lipstick (MAC,Sin,Matte)
I think the lippy just adds that depth to it, perfect for a Christmas dinner , night out or even just a casual day that you feel needs some dressing up , I received this as an early Christmas gift from my best mate and I LOVE IT!!!

Now This is how I achieved that amazing glitzy look! This Kiko eyeshadow that brings a matte black and a super glittery silver (literal glitter heaven)! The pigment is AMAZINGG! 
I just applied this over my whole eyelid, then followed by applying some of the black in the outer corner and blending in very well along the crease of my eye, followed by applying more from the glittery shade and blending some more and voila eyeshadow complete! Simple hey!
Secondly is my Mac Sin Matte lipstick - Love this thing so much and I've only had it a couple days! 
Then we've got my sleek ink pot in black which is my go to gel liner ! It's very good and very pigmented ! 
And lastly are the brushes I used to bring this look together , they are my Real Techniques brushes and they are the best brushes I've used to date ! 
(I'll do a brushes blog post soon)
And yes I know they need a good clean , I'll go do that now ;) ! 

And that is all for today's post my lovelys 
All things that I used and the final look ! 

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Asos wish list -outfit styling ideas!

So I LOVE ASOS , there are a few things on there that I've been finding super trendy and cool lately, they've been in my Asos wish list for a while and I thought I'd show you how I would style a couple outfits and also the accessories
Hope you Enjoy! 
(All prices will be listed below images)

Outfit (1)
High wasted jeans-(£32.00)
Black crop sweater-(£12.00)
Black cacoon coat -(£55.00)
Oversized blanket check scarf-(£18.00)

Accessories (1)
Concealed platform boots,black-(£40.00)
Large handheld black back (sale from £40.00 to £28.00)
Wrap around watch-(£40.00)
Gold plated mood stone ring-(£22.00)

Outfit (2)
Tartan skater skirt (sale from £25.00 to £17.50) 
Asos tall forever t-shirt-(£12.00)
Black leather jacket faux fur and quilted detail-(£110.00) 
Black turn up beanie-(£7.00) 

Accessories (2)

Spike drop open necklace-(£14.00)
Pointed heel shoe boot ,black-(£55.00)
Black pleather utility backpack-(£35.00)
Open double spike ring-(£8.00) 

Hope you enjoy my Asos wish list and how I'd put it all together! 

Monday, 8 December 2014

My week in pictures...

Hey hey hey !!!! So how are my lovely people doing? Awesome I hope! :) 
So I'll be doing something a little different today , hope you lovelies don't mind ! 
My week in pictures...
I'll be mainly just going over the highlights  of my week and what's been going on :)! 

Okay so this past week began like this...
1) college...assessments...finals...! 
We've been doing body art , which is pretty fun none the less as you can see that first picture above was a practice that i did on one of the girlies in class, I loved doing it don't get me wrong but the thought that I've gotta prep for a 3/4 hour BODY ART , on the ENTIRE BODY...is just ever so slightly stressing me out ! But it's all good I'll be fine haha! 
2/3) That there is me and my uncle! Being the complete and utter weirdos That we are! Walking along London Bridge to go meet a few friends of his and I will just say that it was absolutely FREEZING!!! I took a few pictures outside my college in Oxford street because how can you miss those gorgeous lights!!!
4) so we've finally decided to get out our Christmas tree and decorations! 
I did want to put it up last month but my mum wasn't very into that idea hahaha
I love Christmas the atmosphere the family ,food , gifts ,songs ,lights ,the whole scenario just gets me super excited!!! 
Soo it was my mommys birthday this Sunday!! ( hence why I didn't post earlier, Sorry!)  she turned 43 years young(she soo changed those candles round ;) lol ) and is looking as gorgeous as ever! 
My parents and I went out for a lovely lunch in this pizza place with my aunt, uncle and my 3 cousins (they're little rascals but I love them to bits <3 )
That's one of the cuzzies ,Savanna in the pic with me at the lunch! :) 
We had a lovely day and lots of fun , including  pizza , cake , singing and playing charades xD , yes this was all done at the restaurant! 
We followed by having a coffe/drink at this other place and later made our way home :)! 
I had a great weak , what did you get up too!? 

Monday, 1 December 2014

Christmas stocking filler guide! Under £15

Sooo I'm here with my full on Christmas cheer !!! 23 DAYS TILL CHRISTMAS AND I MAY BE SLIGHTLY EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'll be doing a 10 item ,stocking filler ,gift guide , with everything under £15 !!!
There will be 5 lovely items for the ladies !
And 5 awesome items for the boys !

Manicure set, Ice cream in pink 
-Every girl needs a mini mani set ,to keep those nails looking pristine,and it comes in an adorable ice cream case , what else could you want!  

Love hearts hand warmers 
-cold weather is about and these adorable hand warmers are just the thing to keep those hand nice and toasty! 

Reindeer socks in Christmas baulbal (different socks available) 
-cute Christmas socks with reindeers on them are perfect enough , but these cozy beauties come in a baulbal that you can hang on your Christmas tree , now that is pretty awesome I must say so myself.

Norton Pug slippers 
-ok so pugs are adorable enough and these slippers and just too gorgeous to miss !! , they look so warm and cozy to keep those tootsies nice and warm this season! 

Ciate Asos, Exclusive Hot Tropics Nail polish duo 
-Ciate has a range of beautiful colour and I just thought that both these shades were absolutely gorgeous ! , I think that shimmery gold is so Christmassy and you can pair it with any other colour! And that minty colour is bea-u-tiful , has been my top nail colour all year round, any nail lover will adore this stocking filler. 

Pop up pint 
-honestly now what guy would LOVE this! It's perfect for festivals parties and anything really , just pop up a pint glass at all times ! 

Christmas trunks +many other styles available ( these two were my faves ;D)
-okay ! So it's practically tradition to give guys either socks or trunks at Christmas ! And I just loved these they made me giggle so hard xD 
Perfect for a boyfriend so he can strut his stuff in that sexy Christmas attire ;) , or just as a little joke for a friend or family member! Legit guaranteed to make them laugh!! 

Vo5 extream style Ultimate prep tin 
-so we know most boys take just as much care of there hair as girls do now a days (sometimes even more) lol , and why not help them out, by giving them this Vo5 ultimate prep kit for there lovely locks !

Bobble beanie with stags 
-so the cold is about and beanies are so in at the moment they have been for ages! And I personally love a boy that can rock out a beanie :) (and this one is super cute and oh so festive!) 

The bomb shot glasses 
-I think for any party boys out there or guys in uni , these are so appropriate , they look really different and cool and would definitely make a statement in the party scene! 

I hope you all enjoyed  this stocking filler , gift guide!!